Tired of Dealing With a Malfunctioning Phone?

Visit a Tyler, TX cell phone repair shop

Everything from banking to connecting with loved ones is tied to your phone. If it starts to malfunction, it can disrupt your entire day. Thankfully, 808 Cellphone Repair, a cell phone repair shop in Tyler, TX, can provide quick and long-lasting repairs.

Whether you have an Android, Samsung, Apple or LG phone, you can trust us to repair:

Screens that are cracked
Batteries that drain quickly
Cameras that only produce blurry images
Charging ports that don't recognize the charger

We can even provide water treatment services if you accidentally submerged your phone. Get a free estimate for our water treatment or cell phone screen repair services.

Find the best accessories and pre-owned iPhones

Our cell phone repair shop has a selection of iPhone accessories for sale. If we don't have what you're looking for, don't worry! We can get most accessories upon request.

You can also find high-quality pre-owned iPhones. Visit our store today to shop for accessories or get a cell phone screen repair service. You can also sell us your iPhone 6 or a later model.

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